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Lincoln at night

Last week I took a trip with photo club to Lincoln for a night time photography session. Although buildings and night time are not 2 subjects that I spend much (if any) time photographing it was interesting to have the opportunity to try something a bit different.

Here are my favourite phtotos from the evening.

March 1, 2013   1 Comment


After 3 days of rain, drizzle and fog I am waiting expectantly to get out into the woods to look for fungi when/if we have a break in the weather.

If I do get out into the woods expect me to post some pictures some time in the spring!

In the meantime here are some insects that I photographed earlier in the year as a little reminder of our almost summer.

October 10, 2012   No Comments


Back in July during one of the few sunny days of the summer I visted Somerset Wildlife Trusts reserve at Thurlbear Wood near Taunton with a work experience student to undertake some botanical surveys. The reserve is a wonderful mix of oak/ash woodland and wildflower rich glades.

Although a bit of a distant memory Mid-Summer is a great time of year at the reserves with many flowers such as scabious in their full glory and plenty of burnet moths and marbled whites on the wing.

Here are a few photos of some of the flowers and insects as a pleasant reminder that the summer wasn’t all rain as the weather cools and we head into the autumn.

September 12, 2012   No Comments

Red Arrows – Lyme Regis

Last weekend the Red Arrows visited Lyme Regis as part of Lifeboat Week. We took a family trip down to watch from Langmoor Gardens. Here are some pics from the afternoon.

August 3, 2012   2 Comments


Changes at work have led me to having to spend time in parts of the country which I haven’t explored in the past.

I’m looking forward to exploring parts of the east midlands over the coming months but here are a few photos from alongside the Trent in Newark, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Whisby Nature Park and and Besthorpe Reserve managed by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

July 3, 2012   No Comments


Towards the end of May this year I visted Dartmoor for what I think was the first time.

Despite having four days there, unsurprisingly, the weather was not brilliant.

I managed a couple of trips out with the camera and these are the results.

I was really hoping for some clear skies for night time photography. I guess I’ll have to have another holiday there and keep my fingers crossed for the weather.

June 17, 2012   No Comments

Short-Eared Owls

It’s all been a bit quiet on the photo front of late work, babies and the weather all conspiring against me. This weekend I heard reports of good numbers of short-eared owls on the levels and as the weather was pleasant I headed off with my daughter and my camera to see what we could see.

Short-Eared Owls

Having spent all winter trying to get a glimpse of these stunning birds I didn’t get my hopes up despite at least 6 individuals in the area over the previous days. I was however in luck as there were at least 2 owls quartering the moor.

Short-eared owl

Most of the time the owls were quite some distance away and my 300mm lens didn’t have quite the reach i needed. Despite this I managed some shots that, whilst no-where near a good as a lot of the photos out there, I was rather pleased with.

Short-eared owl

All in all it was a fantastic afternoon out with this great species even if the photos need a bit of work.

February 8, 2012   No Comments

Red Bull Harbour Reach

A bit of a departue from my usual stuff but found out on Saturday morning about the Red Bull Harbour Reach and thought that it would be a great chance to try something different.

Over the north wall, Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis was as busy as you would expect what with it being summer holidays and the end of Lifeboat Week. That meant that most fish and chip shops had ran out of food or had stupidly long queues. Fortunately we found some friends who had a table and were kind enough to let us join them.

As you might imagine our food turned up just as the wakeboarding started meanign that I didn’t have as much time photographing the competitors in the Red Bull Harbour Reach as I would have liked. Having tried wakeboarding a couple of time on honeymoon I have a lot of respect for these guys flying over the North Wall of Lyme Regis Harbour.

August 1, 2011   No Comments