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Posts from — August 2011


Out surveying on the Brue Valley today. Found some great birds despite carrying out botanical surveys. The one saving grace of having to walk up and down droves to get to fields is the diversity of Avian Fauna on show.


Todays ticks included 2 juvenile yellow wagtails (a new species for me), 4 linnent, a small flock of starlings mobbing a kestrel and a wheatear perched on round bale silage.

Driving along the drove on the otherside of the field a wheatear (possibly the same one) was perched on a gatepost. I had my camera in the car rather than in the boot and was able to get these photos.

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Wildflowers at the seaside

Went to Clevedon for a walk on the weekend. Found some Rock Samphire and Sea Plantain (although I’m happy to be corrected on the ID’s as I don’t do much botanising on the coast).

Rock Samphire

I always think it is amazing how these little plants manage to survive growing in cracks in the rocky outcrops being constantly battered by the salty sea air.

At least they have a nice view across the Severn Estuary for their troubles.

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Red Bull Harbour Reach

A bit of a departue from my usual stuff but found out on Saturday morning about the Red Bull Harbour Reach and thought that it would be a great chance to try something different.

Over the north wall, Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis was as busy as you would expect what with it being summer holidays and the end of Lifeboat Week. That meant that most fish and chip shops had ran out of food or had stupidly long queues. Fortunately we found some friends who had a table and were kind enough to let us join them.

As you might imagine our food turned up just as the wakeboarding started meanign that I didn’t have as much time photographing the competitors in the Red Bull Harbour Reach as I would have liked. Having tried wakeboarding a couple of time on honeymoon I have a lot of respect for these guys flying over the North Wall of Lyme Regis Harbour.

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